Included In The Bowls Software Management System.



* Personal Details.

* Purchases made over the years.

* Activities Involved In, roles within the club.

* Manage the use of lockers and club goods. Each item can be priced.

* Send out membership renewals as email attachments or printed, their next renewal date is part of their details.

* Produce list of your members, choosing various selection criteria.

* Print banking reports by day or spanning months.

* Membership types can have different fees and durations, with age constraints. They can be blocked from entering leagues or competitions.

* Membership and Financial statistics.




* Leagues created quickly from simple structure leagues to leagues played over multiple days of the week and multiple sessions.

* Double rink leagues with several sets of scoring rules and points awarded, from 2 points to 8 points each match.

* Sets leagues, with shots, points and sets won or drawn.

* Decide if teams receive 2 or 3 points for winning standard type league matches, set rule for each league, 2 is the default.

* Set which rinks each league plays on.

* Set if each team member pays a fee or the team or none.

* Handicaps can be imposed.

* Reduce scores by 33% or 25% for triples or fours if players missing.

* Set maximum games played each week if required.

* Set players minimum age if needed.

* During creation matches follow a simple rotation rink booking pattern but will move matches within a session to miss rinks in use.

* Indoor or outdoor leagues.

* Rink bookings are automatically added at time of league creation.

* Teams new season renewal forms sent by email or printed.

* Starting a new seasons leagues while the current are still running is simple.

* Captains team planners can be emailed or printed.

* Analyse many aspects of league matches .




* They are created by selecting club members who's membership type allows their entry, partners can de added.

* The winner and partners are added to the honours list for that competition.

* Use team aliases.

* When all players have been entered the system can if instructed randomly select who plays with who and their playing position.

* As with leagues after the first instruction to create a web page they are routinely recreated after each match score has been entered.

* Allow members to book their own rinks or the competition administrator can do it.


System Users


* Any number of system users can work on the system at the same time.




* Set up different session times for each day of the week in each season for indoor or outdoor.


Web Site


* Pay someone to create your site and put the links in for the system automatically created web pages.

OR use the web site management tools built into the bowls system, no skills required. You will only need to pay your chosen ISP approximately 30 to 40 per year for the use of their server space.

* Publishes any web pages modified since the last upload.

* Page creation tools

* Create your own word document and save it as an html web page and the system will automatically add it your web site menu structure.




* Members can be added to security groups with different system access rights from full admin rights to only being able to enter league scores or post to your web site.


Stand alone Front Desk


* Can be installed on any windows PC or Windows touch screen tablet running windows 7 or later.

* Members can book and delete their own rinks, enter league match results to which they are a team member. Stewards who are assigned to a system security group can also carryout these functions for any club member.

* Money collected for rink bookings can be entered by stewards along with till receipts and comments. These can be printed and analysed within the main system.

* All actions carried out on the stand alone Front Desk application are logged and can be viewed in the main system.

* Rink booking changes are instantly sent to the web site, these can also be viewed on TV screens within the club, if you have them.




* The system uses a relational database so no duplication, it can be held on a server or more commonly on one of the clubs PC's and accessed using a local network, Ethernet, WIFI or blue tooth that includes tablet PCs.

Most system users will connect remotely when they need to, from anywhere.



* Is there when you need it, most support sessions are started by a phone call, text or email, remote access can be used if required.

* After the first year support sessions are rare and mostly very brief, these mostly happen when club personnel have left. There has only been a hand full of occasions that a charge has been necessary when all officers have left.

* No yearly support charge is currently levied. Maybe in the future it will be needed but presently it cannot be justified.




* If modifications requested by clubs are seen as a benefit to all clubs mostly no charge is made, if the benefit is only for the requesting club a nominal charge maybe made.